The history of Khamaré

The Okhamaré brand is a range intended for women who want to take care of their beauty naturally.


The cosmetics of the Okhamaré range are made from traditional African plants.


hese plants are endowed with many virtues, which nourish and preserve the beauty of the Woman. The Okhamaré brand draws its roots from Khamaré also called the roots of Vetiver, cepp, gongoli, sodhoré.


Its name differs in different parts of Africa and the world. However, its multiple virtues make Khamaré a prodigious plant, which supports women in the preservation of their femininity. African land is full of natural resources, with little known wealth.


Khamaré is a tropical plant, native to Central Africa and India. Its uniqueness lies in its roots, which grow vertically up to three to four meters deep.


After being dried, khamaré is exploited for aesthetic, therapeutic and scientific purposes. For generations, Khamaré has been known and propagated in the Western world. Its woody fragrance is also used in the creation of luxury perfumes.

Produits de bien-être

Khamaré, an ancestral practice

Its use is also traditional. In African cultures, the secrets of Khamaré are passed on to young women on their first wedding day. It is an asset that accompanies women throughout their lives in preserving their beauty and their daily health.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Consumed regularly as an infusion, it purifies the body and cleanses the lower abdomen.


It reduces lochia, calms menstrual pain, lubricates and leaves a pleasant smell. Its soothing, antiseptic and antidepressant properties make Khamaré a plant to be used daily.


Powerful aphrodisiac, it is a treasure for the privacy of women. When applied to the skin, the Okhamaré range exfoliates, illuminates, purifies, eliminates dead skin, acts on hyperpigmentation, acne pimples, eczema and restores radiance as it is used, leaving a soft and lightweight.